I artfully manipulate and merge visual elements to create a distinct form that exists on the borders of the surreal.

A variegated African face is donning a fierce expression that stings like mace, but concealed is the source of it’s ferocity.

Adorned with bright paint, its piercing glare terrifies the weak. At its sight, the faint experience greet trepidation.

Its appearance is ambiguously tribal, but its war is with unearthly foes who hail from dimensions yet to be revealed.

Windows into a haunted soul, its dark brown eyes carry the immense burden of living with the spirits of the slain.

But, having seen much bloodshed and faced scenes even great men dread, it considers impending battle undaunted.

In the midst of intense horror, this warrior thrives on the chaos and disorder. The face knows no unwanted challenge.

With a stare that’s brazen and bold, it’s a magnificent and menacing sight to behold. Enemies feel taunted by its presence.